Sunday, February 28, 2010

In the beginnng...

Yea, that's right, chairs. I like (love is reserved for my family) chairs.
Design chairs...sign me up for that job.
Decorate a many chairs can I fit in and can we change them once a month?
Size, style, fabric/ much to work with.
They come in all sizes, you can always fit one in.
They're an accent so any style can work...upholstered, wood, metal...they don't need to "match" anything.
Cotton, leather, velvet...wood, iron, aluminum...each fabric/finish brings a different "look" to the same chair.
They go every place and every where...formal living room, kitchen, dining room, in the garden, in the boudoir, the deck, the lawn, on the porch, in the bathroom...where can't you use a chair??
Comfort, much to talk about.
Talking about them just chairs me up !!